Hot or Not? Top media industry technology trends for 2017 and beyond

The next in our series of Technology Pathfinders forums
1st December 2016, 5-6.30pm followed by drinks and networking
One Alfred Place, London WC1E 7EB

What does the remainder of the decade hold for media and technology?  During the last few years, dramatic improvements in underlying technologies and services – faster broadband networks and improved interconnectivity, more powerful processors, better software and applications, cloud-based computing services and systems – have dramatically changed the media market.  Video consumption has proliferated across new platforms and devices; media management, playout and distribution are being transformed by cloud-based services and virtualisation; real-time media services are disrupting the consumption of news; and new formats like augmented and virtual reality are rapidly gaining traction.

And the next few years promise even more change, as new developments in areas such as AI and machine learning, blended reality, intelligent digital ecosystems, and mesh app and service architectures gain traction.

What are the most important new technology trends impacting the UK broadcasting and media markets over the next five years?  Which new developments will really change the market over the next five years – and which innovations will fall away or fail to register?  Which new technologies should be part of the roadmap for every  media company – and which ones can be safefly ignored?

The Technology Pathfinders Forum – a networking group for broadcast executives interested in exploring innovations and future trends in operations and technology – would like to invite you to an exclusive executive forum, exploring the key technology developments set to shape the UK media and broadcasting industries during the next 3-5 years.

We are delighted to announce that the panel for the event will includes: Orpheus Warr, CTO at Channel 4; Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO of the Digital TV Group (DTG); Nic Brisbourne, Managing Partner at leading VC Forward Partners;  Jon Williams, MD and CEO of Pixsan; and more to be announced soon.

The event will commence promptly at 5pm, running through to 6.30pm, followed by drinks and networking at the bar. This event is free and invite-only and limited to 80 senior executives from the broadcasting and media industries.

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