Building and managing subscription OTT products – built to last or moving too fast?

The second Technology Pathfinders forum
1st of November at 5-6.30pm, followed by networking drinks 
at One Alfred Place

Premium OTT offerings – subscription film and TV services delivered over the internet to connected devices – are proliferating, as TV businesses, tech firms, rights holders and other industry participants look to capitlaise on growing consumer demand for low-cost, all-you-can eat premium video services. The market is widely expected to grow, but developing, launching and operating a new OTT service can be challenging. Many industry participants believe the underlying solutions are still immature, requiring complex build programmes and multiple vendors, and managing subscriber relationships remains challenging.

How hard is it to build, launch, operate and grow a new premium OTT offering? What are the main differences between ‘me too’ offerings and best-in-class services? What kinds of resources and capabilities are required – internally and externally – to launch and operate an OTT service? Are there compelling synergies with existing broadcasting operations and infrastructure – and how easy are they to realise? How are the relevant technologies and the supplier-base evolving and what does this mean for the future?

The Technology Pathfinders Forum – a new networking group for broadcast executives interested in exploring innovations and future trends in operations and technology – would like to invite you to an exclusive executive forum, exploring the state-of-the-art in building and operating subscription OTT offerings. The Forum is an invite-only event, intended to support the exchange of ideas and experiences and to enable business collaboration. All discussions will be strictly under the Chatham House Rule.

We are delighted to announce that the panel for event includes: Phebe Hunnicutt, Vice President of Branded on Demand (SVOD) at NBCUniversal Media; Richard Young, SVP Content and Business Development at Magine TV; Kerensa Samanidis, Head of Digital Products at the BFI; Dean Haddock, Director of Broadcast Services at Babcock and  Rags Gupta, General Manager, EMEA at Ooyala.

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This event is kindly sponsored by Babcock and Ooyala